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Autodesk AutoCAD (LT) 2021.0.1 macOs
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Autodesk AutoCAD (LT) 2021.0.1 macOs
Autodesk AutoCAD (LT) 2021.0.1 macOs | 1.3 Gb
Autodesk has launched hotfix to AutoCad 2021. This hotfix fixes issues that customers reported via multiple channels. It also improves overall stability of the product basing on crash reports we received.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2021.0.1 Hotfix Readme
- Sometimes AutoCAD freezes shortly at any command execution.
- Saving drawing to iCloud synced folders would save to duplicated files, and sometimes changes in the last save are lost.
- Sometimes AutoCAD crashes when selecting a drawing format and saving it.
- Renaming a layer from the right click menu does not work when the layer palette is in auto-hide mode.
- Printing with some Description styles gets random output result.
- Canvas shows in pure black or red if the sky status is on.
- Sometimes the "Select Alternate Font" dialog shows when open any drawing and cannot be dismissed.
- Sometimes AEC walls and dimensions may display and print with black fills in a layout.
- Random crashes when working in drawings with OTF postscript fonts.

Autodesk AutoCAD (LT) 2021.0.1 macOs
AutoCAD 2021 provides a set of enhancements based on customer feedback, surveys, and analytic data that prioritize our efforts. Several features modernize and streamline frequently used features across many customer disciplines. The drawing format for this release continues to be AutoCAD 2018. For developers, this is an API-breaking release.
AutoCAD 2021 | New Features and Updates [/center]скачать dle 12.0

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