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Magnetism Molecules to Materials 5 Volumes Set
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Magnetism Molecules to Materials 5 Volumes Set
Magnetism: Molecules to Materials: 5 Volumes Set By
2005 | 2227 Pages | ISBN: 3527620540 | PDF | 27 MB

Content: Chapter 1 One?Dimensional Magnetism: An Overview of the Models (pages 1-47): Roland Georges, Juan J. Borras?Almenar, Eugenio Coronado, Jacques Curely and Marc DrillonChapter 2 Haldane Quantum Spin Chains (pages 49-93): Jean?Pierre Renard, Louis?Pierre Regnault and Michel VerdaguerChapter 3 Spin?Peierls Materials (pages 95-130): Janice L. MusfeldtChapter 4 Magnetic Measurements at the Atomic Scale in Molecular Magnetic and Paramagnetic Compounds (pages 131-153): Philippe Sainctavit, Christophe Cartier dit Moulin and Marie A. ArrioChapter 5 Magnetic Properties of Mixed?Valence Clusters: Theoretical Approaches and Applications (pages 155-210): Juan J. Borras?Almenar, Juan M. Clemente?Juan, Eugenio Coronado, Andrew Palii and Boris S. TsukerblatChapter 6 Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy of Transition Metals: Recent Achievements in X?ray Absorption Spectroscopy (pages 211-234): Wilfried Grange, Jean Paul Kappler and Mireille MaretChapter 7 Muon?Spin Rotation Studies of Molecule?Based Magnets (pages 235-256): Stephen J. BlundellChapter 8 Photomagnetic Properties of Some Inorganic Solids (pages 257-295): Francois Varret, Marc Nogues and Antoine GoujonChapter 9 Colossal Magnetoresistance and Charge?ordering in Rare Earth Manganites (pages 297-324): Bernard Raveau and Chintamani N. R. RaoChapter 10 Neutron Scattering and Spin Densities in Free Radicals (pages 325-355): Jacques Schweizer and Eric RessoucheChapter 11 Spin Distributions in Molecular Systems with Interacting Transition Metal Ions (pages 357-378): Beatrice GillonChapter 12 Probing Spin Densities by Use of NMR Spectroscopy (pages 379-430): Frank H. KohlerChapter 1 Nitroxide?Based Organic Magnets (pages 1-60): David B. Amabilino and Jaume VecianaChapter 2 Magnetic Ordering in Metal Coordination Complexes with Aminoxyl Radicals (pages 61-108): Hiizu Iwamura and Katsuya InoueChapter 3 Organic Kagome Antiferromagnets (pages 121-109): Kunio Awaga, Nobuo Wada, Isao Watanabe and Tamotsu InabeChapter 4 Magnetism in TDAE?C60 (pages 123-147): Ales Omerzu, Denis Arcon, Robert Blinc and Dragan MihailovicChapter 5 Triarylmethyl and Amine Radicals (pages 149-187): R.?J. BushbyChapter 6 High?Spin Metal?Ion?Containing Molecules (pages 189-226): Talal Mallah and Arnaud MarvilliersChapter 7 Electronic Structure and Magnetic Behavior in Polynuclear Transition?Metal Compounds (pages 227-279): Eliseo Ruiz, Santiago Alvarez, Antonio Rodriguez?Fortea, Pere Alemany, Yann Pouillon and Carlo MassobrioChapter 8 Valence Tautomerism in Dioxolene Complexes of Cobalt (pages 281-306): David A. ShultzChapter 9 Molecule?Based Magnets Derived from NiII and MnII, Azido Bridging Ligand and Related Compounds (pages 307-337): Joan Ribas, Albert Escuer, Montserrat Monfort, Ramon Vicente, Roberto Cortes, Luis Lezama, Teofilo Rojo and Mohamed A. S. GoherChapter 10 Oxalate?Based 2D and 3D Magnets (pages 339-356): Melanie Pilkington and Silvio DecurtinsChapter 11 Hybrid Organic?Inorganic Multilayer Compounds: Towards Controllable and/or Switchable Magnets (pages 357-395): Pierre Rabu, Marc Drillon, Kunio Awaga, Wataru Fujita and Taketoshi SekineChapter 12 Intercalation?Induced Magnetization in MPS3 Layered Compounds (pages 397-423): Rene Clement and Anne LeausticChapter 13 Transition Metal Ion Phosphonates as Hybrid Organic?Inorganic Magnets (pages 425-456): Carlo BellittoChapter 14 Magnetic Langmuir?Blodgett Films (pages 457-484): Christophe Mingotaud, Pierre Delhaes, Mark W. Meisel and Daniel R. TalhamChapter 1 Nanostructured Magnetic Materials (pages 1-36): Charles J. O'Connor, Jinke Tang and Jian H. ZhangChapter 2 Magnetism and Magnetotransport Properties of Transition Metal Zintl Isotypes (pages 37-62): Susan M. Kauzlarich, Amy C. Payne and David J. WebbChapter 3 Magnetic Properties of Large Clusters (pages 63-108): Dante Gatteschi and Roberta SessoliChapter 4 Quantum Tunneling of Magnetization in Molecular Complexes with Large Spins - Effect of the Environment (pages 109-168): Igor Tupitsyn and Bernard BarbaraChapter 5 Studies of Quantum Relaxation and Quantum Coherence in Molecular Magnets by Means of Specific Heat Measurements (pages 169-210): Fernando M. Luis, Fabian L. Mettes and L. Jos de JonghChapter 6 Self?Organized Clusters and Nanosize Islands on Metal Surfaces (pages 211-251): Jean?Pierre Bucher and Fabrice ScheurerChapter 7 Spin Electronics - An Overview (pages 253-296): Ivan Petej and John GreggChapter 8 NMR of Nanosized Magnetic Systems, Ultrathin Films, and Granular Systems (pages 297-327): Pierre PanissodChapter 9 Interlayer Exchange Interactions in Magnetic Multilayers (pages 329-353): P. BrunoChapter 10 Magnetization Dynamics on the Femtosecond Time?scale in Metallic Ferromagnets (pages 355-384): Jean?Yves Bigot, Eric Beaurepaire, Luca Guidoni and Jean?Claude MerleChapter 1 Bimetallic Magnets: Present and Perspectives (pages 1-40): Prof. Corine Mathoniere, Dr. Jean?Pascal Sutter and Dr. Jatinder V. YakhmiChapter 2 Copper(II) Nitroxide Molecular Spin?Transition Complexes (pages 41-63): Dr. Paul Rey and Prof. Victor I. OvcharenkoChapter 3 Theoretical Study of the Electronic Structure and Magnetic Interactions in Purely Organic Nitronyl Nitroxide Crystals (pages 65-117): Prof. Juan J. Novoa, Pilar Lafuente, Prof. Merce Deumal and Prof. Fernando MotaChapter 4 Exact and Approximate Theoretical Techniques for Quantum Magnetism in Low Dimensions (pages 119-171): Swapan K. Pati, Prof. S. Ramasesha and Diptiman SenChapter 5 Magnetic Properties of Self?Assembled [2 ? 2] and [3 ? 3] Grids (pages 173-203): Prof. Laurence K. Thompson, Dr. Oliver Waldmann and Zhiqiang XuChapter 6 Biogenic Magnets (pages 205-231): Prof. Richard B. Frankel and Prof. Bruce M. MoskowitzChapter 7 Magnetic Ordering due to Dipolar Interaction in Low Dimensional Materials (pages 233-270): Prof. Pierre Panissod and Marc DrillonChapter 8 Spin Transition Phenomena (pages 271-344): Prof. Philipp Gutlich, Yann Garcia and Hartmut SpieringChapter 9 Interpretation and Calculation of Spin?Hamiltonian Parameters in Transition Metal Complexes (pages 345-466): Dr. Frank Neese and Prof. Edward I. SolomonChapter 10 Chemical Reactions in Applied Magnetic Fields (pages 467-481): Dr. Quentin A. Pankhurst and Prof. Ivan P. ParkinChapter 1 Metallocenium Salts of Radical Anion Bis(Dichalcogenate) Metalates (pages 1-40): Vasco Pires Silva da Gama and Maria Teresa DuarteChapter 2 Chiral Molecule?Based Magnets (pages 41-70): Katsuya Inoue, Shin?Ichi Ohkoshi and Hiroyuki ImaiChapter 3 Cooperative Magnetic Behavior in Metal?Dicyanamide Complexes (pages 71-104): Jamie L. MansonChapter 4 Molecular Materials Combining Magnetic and Conducting Properties (pages 105-159): Peter Day and Eugenio CoronadoChapter 5 Lanthanide Ions in Molecular Exchange Coupled Systems (pages 161-187): Jean?Pascal Sutter and Myrtil L. KahnChapter 6 Monte Carlo Simulation: A Tool to Analyse Magnetic Properties (pages 189-222): Joan Cano and Yves JournauxChapter 7 Metallocene?Based Magnets (pages 223-260): Gordon T. Yee and Joel S. MillerChapter 8 Magnetic Nanoporous Molecular Materials (pages 261-282): Daniel Maspoch, Daniel Ruiz?Molina and Jaume VecianaChapter 9 Magnetic Prussian Blue Analogs (pages 283-346): Michel Verdaguer and Gregory S. GirolamiChapter 10 Scaling Theory Applied to Low Dimensional Magnetic Systems (pages 347-377): Jean Souletie, Pierre Rabu and Prof. Dr. Marc Drillon

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