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Receipts 1.9.9 Multilingual macOS
Receipts 1.9.9 Multilingual | macOS | 17 mb
Receipts is ideal for collecting and managing receipts for tax purposes, for expenses, for preparation of bookkeeping and also for private households. The automatic recognition of amounts, date and other values as well as the self-learning classification according to contacts and categories make the work much easier. The program understands all common formats like PDF, images, mails, websites but also offers excellent support for scanner

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PullTube 1.5.3 Multilingual macOS
PullTube 1.5.3 Multilingual | macOS | 62 mb
A beautiful online video downloader for your Mac. PullTube proposes a streamlined workflow for quickly downloading videos from YouTube or Vimeo, provides control over the output quality, and enables you to extract the audio to MP3 or M4A files.

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PowerPhotos 1.8.5 macOS
PowerPhotos 1.8.5 | macOS | 27 mb
PowerPhotos allows you to break up your images among multiple Photos libraries, rather than having to store all of them in one giant library. You can easily switch between libraries, or just browse the photos in your libraries directly from PowerPhotos, without having to open each library in Photos.

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PhotosRevive 1.2.1 macOS
PhotosRevive 1.2.1 | macOS | 142 mb
PhotosRevive automatically colorizes your old black and white photos. The application uses a revolutionary artificial intelligence that will add colors in an ultra-realistic way. The application is super simple to use. Scan or import your photo and that's it. The application will color it without any effort on your part.

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Photo Size Changer - HQ Image 1.1.0 macOS
Photo Size Changer - HQ Image 1.1.0 | macOS | 22 mb
Reduce the size of your images without loosing quality and resolution. Photo Size Changer is just what you need.

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PhoneRescue for iOS Multilingual macOS
PhoneRescue for iOS | Multilingual | macOS | 40 mb
PhoneRescue is an all-inclusive iOS data recovery program designed for retrieving your lost photos, messages, contacts, notes and more on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also it can repair an iDevice from any iOS crash errors.

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Permute 3.5.3 Multilingual macOS
Permute 3.5.3 Multilingual | macOS | 58 mb
Video, audio and image files come in many different kinds and shapes, but sometimes you need a specific format since your iPad or DVD player won't play that video. That is what Permute is for - easily convert your media files to various different formats.

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PDF Expert 2.5.11 Multilingual macOS
PDF Expert 2.5.11 Multilingual | macOS | 69 mb
PDF Expert springs into action with smooth scrolling and fast search from the first document you select. PDFs open instantly, whether they are just small email attachments or 2000-page reports.

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PatterNodes 2.3.3 macOS
PatterNodes 2.3.3 | macOS | 23 mb
PatterNodes is a tool for creating graphical patterns, animations, gradients, or illustrations based on repetitions. This is done by defining a sequence of steps, a recipe of sorts, that describes the pattern. Each pattern element or operation is represented by a little panel called a node, and the nodes are then linked by connections drawn between them.

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One Switch 1.14.2 macOS
One Switch 1.14.2 | macOS | 13 mb
One Switch is a tiny app designed to improve your efficiency by providing quick access to a few important switches. It can be opened from your menu bar, and it allows you to toggle certain system features with just a couple of clicks.